Ep. 12: Peter Bihr – Ethics for The Internet of Things

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Peter Bihr

  I was thinking for a long time on the title of this episode. No one short title would be enough. Peter does so many things in so many flavours. If you live in Berlin you would need to live under a rock not to be aware of some of the things that Peter is […]

Ep. 11: John Cutler – Writing and Thinking on Product work

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John Cutler at work

This time my guest is John Cutler. He is the hardest working man in product business. At least he is the hardest and most writing man in product business. Since ages he writes, thinks and muses about things he observes and wonders about in what we see as our jobs in product work. John might […]

Methoden werden uns nicht retten

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Talks and case studies erzählen uns, Methoden seien die Rettung Ich bin kein Nihilist. Ich habe nichts gegen Methoden. Im Gegenteil. Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich folgende Beobachtung retweeted: Interesting: At conferences you often see fractions or methods 'winning': marketing, dev, devops, ux, strategy. Rarely a great, unified team — Markus Andrezak (@markusandrezak) June 14, […]

Ep. 10: Denise Jacobs – Banish Your Inner Critic, Do Your Best work

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Denise Jacobs

This Episode is about doing your best work, the role of creativity and how creativity can be trained. My guest today is Denise Jacobs. Denise has her roots in Project Management and Software Development. Denise’ first book was a bestseller on CSS and she made a speaking career out that profession.   iTunes RSS Overcast  […]

Agile Transitionen: Gut Ding …

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Beobachtungen und Gedanken Hier ein paar Beobachtungen und kleine Tipps, wie deine Transition nicht wie bei Dilbert endet. Sagen würde man es dir sowieso nicht. Du erfährt es nur beim Lauschen an der Kaffeemaschine. Einmal einen Halbmarathon in 90 Minuten! Ich hatte einmal das Ziel, einen Halbmarathon in 1h 30 min zu laufen. Als ich […]

Ep. 9: Jan Chipchase – Field Studies & What to do next

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The Field Study Handbook

“And recognizing that I will probably never be able to do another project like this again and recognizing that I should probably enjoy the moment.“ Radical results require radical measures. In this case, the radical result is the radical beauty, clarity and applicability of “The Field Study Handbook” by Jan Chipchase. The measures to get to […]

Episode 8 – Stefan Roock und Henning Wolf

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Stefan Roock & Henning Wolf

 it-agile und die Geschichte von Agil in Deutschland Episode 8 ist für mich eine ganz besondere und sehr persönliche Folge. Und das hat mit den Gästen zu tun. Ich habe die Folge mit Stefan Roock und Henning Wolf in den wunderbaren Büros Ihrer weithin bekannten Firma it-agile am Hamburger Hafen aufgenommen. it-agile ist für mich […]

Episode 7: Jeff Patton – User Story Mapping

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Jeff Patton

Another one of the greats. I follow his work since years, I integrate lots of what he does in my work. Everyone knowing me, or having had a training with me, knows what he does with Story Maps. But having come up with Story Maps and having written the first book around is „this little […]

3 Horizonte für Kundenzufriedenheit

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3 Horizonte

Im letzten Jahr habe ich einen längeren Artikel für die Agile Review von it-agile zum Thema “3 Horizonte für Kundenzufriedenheit” geschrieben. Hier aus der Intro: “Kunden begeistern! Wer möchte das nicht? Und hat das nicht jede Firma in ihrer Strategie-Präsentation stehen? Best in Class, kundenzentriert, serviceorientiert. Und trotzdem sind wir selbst als Kunden nur selten begeistert. […]

Episode 006: Luke Hohmann – Innovation Games

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Luke Hohmann, CEO Conteneo

What have the following things in common? Weasels, the San Jose public budgeting process, bootstrapping, disposable software, games and mods of games, figure skating, and a Nike sprinter show falling apart after reaching the 100m line? Well, it’s Luke Hohmann they have in common. I learned an awful lot from Luke. Years and years ago […]