Product Owner Master Class w/ unboxed (UK)

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I am happy to announce a special event that unboxed invited me to. unboxed Consulting from London – the biggest Ruby and Rails shop in the UK, also embracing Lean and Agile big time - will open shop in Berlin and came up with a very Berlinesque idea right away.

What have Product Management, User Research and the Berlin Christmas Market have in common?

We will use the Friday before Christmas to engage in this one day Product Owner master class. As you can see, User Research will be integrated in the days’ program. The practical exercises will be done on a Berlin Christmas Market. And after that we will also relax together on the Christmas market, together as a group.

  • How to identify great stories – What is a story? What is the purpose? How to write it down? What are characteristics? How can I communicate it?
  • Story Mapping – What are my stories, communicate them, size them
  • Prioritise your backlog in 30 minutes – How to identify and align priorities
  • Story Mapping (Part Two) – Managing your portfolio through Kanban methods
  • How Pixar tell Stories – Learn the principles of story telling from the masters
  • User research theory – We cover the different types of user research and when each type should be applied
  • User research preparation – Topic Mapping and interview techniques: preparing the right questionnaire, setting up an interview, finding interviewees, how to document, evaluate and analyse responses

As the whole training is also targeting people from the UK, convenient links to find accommodation and flights are provided.


Date: Friday 19th December (Depart Gatwick at 6:30)

Location: Betahaus, Berlin

Trainers: Martyn Evans and Markus Andrezak

Price: £600 + VAT (including lunch, refreshments and a hotel on Friday night)
Or local price €600 + VAT (including lunch and refreshments)
(Flights are not included but should be about £200)

Bookings are done at unboxed to the conditions of unboxed.


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