We provide the Team and the Methods to make your Innovation fast and reliable.

We make innovation predictable

Every company wants to be innovative. Innovative products and services deliver growth and long-term success. But many companies fail at this task – despite heavy investments.

We are convinced that, with some support, every company can be successfully innovative. We believe that innovation is the result of craftsmanship and  hard work not of magic and luck. We understand this craft and help deliver innovation reliably, even in a fixed timing and with a fixed budget, so that innovation becomes predictable for all companies.

We provide the right team, trained for innovation

Many companies simply lack the team or the time to create innovation. We can individually complement your existing teams or whenever requested fully take over innovation projects.

We prefer to work with teams who wish to improve. Our ideal goal is to help your team sustainably change methods and culture, so that we will be redundant for one of your next projects.


We provide methods and processes for innovation

The core element of our innovation process is strict and radical customer centricity. Your customers are always deeply involved – starting from a deep analysis of concrete customer needs towards the generation of ideas until the development and validation of prototypes.

The result of our iterative and customer centric process is a validated innovation concept that not only satisfies real customer needs but is also technically feasible and economically worthwhile and viable and, finally desirable. All this in a time span where conventional market research is only able to setup and deliver vague results at best.


We also take care of the delivery of innovation

Although the development of innovative product concepts is our core area, innovation for innovation’s sake is of little value. Therefore, we are also happy to support and take responsibility for an agile and lean realization and delivery of concepts to a successfully scaling final product, with input  from a broad network of software developers, designers and usability specialists.