überproduct Academy

Welcome to the überproduct Academy! We reimagine learning for the modern Product Manager and strategist. We provide a transformative educational experience that combines flexibility, community, and deep learning insights.

Why Choose Us?

At the überproduct Academy, we believe in breaking down barriers to learning strategy. Unlike traditional in-room trainings that can be logistically challenging and exhausting, our Academy offers a dynamic blend of self-paced learning and interactive online sessions. Everything happens on our integrated platform, purpose-built for blended learning:

About the Academy

Founded by Markus, a seasoned strategist with a rich background in technology, business consultancy, and product management education, the überproduct Academy is rooted in real-world experience and customer-centric principles. Markus’s unique approach demystifies strategy and product work, making it accessible and applicable to professionals at all levels. Markus was a pioneering force in several areas: He was part of creating Germans first bigger Internet products in the 90s, co-invented a method for Portfolio Management and finally started Product Education when the market was still tiny.

Our Approach

We believe in sustainable learning that integrates with your daily work. Our cohort-based programs span several months, allowing for reflection, deep dives into topics, and practical application in your professional context. The curriculum evolves based on participant feedback, ensuring relevance and impact.

Join Us

Transform your approach to strategy with the überproduct Academy. Whether you’re starting your journey or looking to deepen your expertise, our programs offer a unique blend of flexibility, community, and expert guidance—all on a cutting-edge integrated platform.

Next Steps

Explore our programs and discover how the überproduct Academy can empower you to drive meaningful change in your organization. For more information or to reserve your spot, get in touch today.

Inaugural Offering: The Strategy Collective

Launching on September 30, 2024, the Strategy Collective is a 14-week program designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals interested in business and product strategy. My Markers-Options-Work model offers an inclusive and straightforward approach to strategic thinking, moving it out of the ivory tower and into practical, cadence-based communication structures.

Custom Cohorts for companies

Looking for a tailored learning experience for your team? Contact us to learn more about custom, internal cohorts designed to meet your specific needs.

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The Strategy Collective

Welcome to the Strategy Collective Launching September 30, 2024, secure one of a maximum of 15 10 spots (left) now.  Transform Your Approach to Strategy Welcome to the überproduct Strategy Collective, the inaugural program of the überproduct Academy. This 12+-week program is designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals interested in mastering business and product strategy. Empowering […]