Talk at Dare Fest Belgium 2014, Antwerp – “Integrate everything, Know everything”

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Dare Fest

I will give a talk at Dare Fest Belgium 2014, in Antwerp, 8 – 10 Dezember 2014:

“Integrate everything – Know everything”

This talk is about my concept on absolute integration of the flow of knowledge work in the company - vertical as well as horizontal.  In this concept, knowledge flows mostly horizontally, enabling flows vertically (that’s how companies are organized). The one is useless without the other. And without practices of alignment on these levels and directions, both makes no sense. In practice, this means things like a high level of transparency between disciplines such as user research across strategy and development and customer support and back again. This also means a lot of work in tearing down knowledge silos piece by piece and step by step. But also knowing where people (as in innovation) need to be protected from production constraints. This does not need to address the organizational form in the beginning, but will impact it later on. So, we can change right away without the biggest bets upfront.

This concept is also at the core of my new set of Workshops and Trainings.

The other speakers on close topics

My topic is a great fir in this Geras Programm, so I was quite enthusiastic to be invited by Maarten. The other speakers provide quite different and diverse views into this realm, though:

  • Frederic Laloux will introduce the topic of his self published book “Reinventing organizations”, which is a stunning runaway success right now an enables him speaker slots at many great conferences. It is a thorough research on principles of organizational change in context.
  • Nils Pfläging will talk about Organization in complex environments
  • Jason Little will speak about Lean Change Management
  • Jurgen Appello with more on his Management 3.0 Workouts
  • Jim Benson will talk about “Work/Life balance” and where it made / makes sense and why it shouldn’t
  • Esko Kilpi talks about “Emergence, Self-Organization and digital networks. What’s new?” and
  • Petra Liesmons will tell us more on OKRs – a kind of goals that are currently very popular, discussed and used at e.g.  google to help align the company.

Maarten Volders, Dare Devil #1

I know Maarten since many years and he is an absolute pioneer amongst event managers, knowledge workers and service providers, aways digging for new topics and ways to build a platform for these new topics. His events are always planned and done with lots of love to the detail.

I’d live to meet sms of you at this challenging conference that’ll be more than just ‘meeting people’.


When: 8 – 10. Dezember 2014

Wo: Antwerp, Belgien

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