Ep. 20: Matthew E. May – Winning The Brain Game

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I follow Matt since years. He has a couple of great books out, his latest one possibly being the top pick. It is called “Winning the Brain Game”. In “Winning the Brain Game”, Matt explains 7 fundamental flaws of the brain which hold us back from being the best problem solvers we could be. He […]

Ep. 17: Courtney Hemphill – Psychological Safety at Work

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Courtney Hemphill

I met Courtney years ago at the Lean UX conference. At the time there was a lot of talk of yet another round of inclusion. Where DevOps was going on in one part of the universe, this was the universe, we were talking and discussing inclusion of UX, User Research, Design and other disciplines into […]

Ep. 16: Roman Pichler – Strategize

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Roman – one of the greats I don’t really dare to introduce Roman. He is such a big name in Agile Product management. Since his beginnings in Scrum, he was totally focused: Scrum it will be, Product it will be – and everything that belongs to it. No more, no less. Clarity. In the field […]

A chat with Jabe Bloom

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Jabe Bloom (@cyetain)

The other night, Jabe Bloom and I were preparing a podcast episode. We know since ages but don’t get to meet as often as we should and would like to. There was some gold in the preparation and so I thought I’d share some bits of our conversation on video. Here some topics we cover: […]

Ep. 15 – Fridtjof Detzner: Founders Valley

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Fridtjof „Fridel“ Detzner hat die letzten 18 Jahre mit seinen Freunden daran gearbeitet von einem Bauernhof aus die Voraussetzungen für Jimdo zu schaffen und dann Jimdo mit aufgebaut. Dort hilft er auch noch ein bisschen mit, er sucht aber nach neuen Feldern. Subscribe on iTunes RSS Feed Overcast.fm  Darum hat Fridel ein Jahr hinter sich, […]

Episode 14: Christopher Avery – The Responsibility Process

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Christopher Avery

This episode is quiet. Quiet and deep. I am happy that Christopher Avery took the time and explained the Responsibility Process to us. I will let Christopher explain it in the podcast – the topic is complex, deep and sensitive. He’s much better in this than I am. I think it is important to try […]

Ep. 13 | Peter Bihr: Shenzhen – A future of unlimited speed

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Street Scene Shenzhen

“The future is already here, it is just not very evenly distributed” - William Gibson, of course, 1999   Welcome to the first Episode of the second season of Stories Connecting Dots. Listen to Peter Bihr, telling the tale of Shenzhen, where hardware is software is hardware. And everything is hardware is software is hardware. And […]

Ep. 12: Peter Bihr – Ethics for the Internet of Things

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Peter Bihr

  I was thinking for a long time on the title of this episode. No one short title would be enough. Peter does so many things in so many flavours. If you live in Berlin you would need to live under a rock not to be aware of some of the things that Peter is […]

Ep. 11: John Cutler – Writing and Thinking on Product work

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John Cutler at work

This time my guest is John Cutler. He is the hardest working man in product business. At least he is the hardest and most writing man in product business. Since ages he writes, thinks and muses about things he observes and wonders about in what we see as our jobs in product work. John might […]

Ep. 10: Denise Jacobs – Banish Your Inner Critic, Do Your Best Work

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Denise Jacobs

This Episode is about doing your best work, the role of creativity and how creativity can be trained. My guest today is Denise Jacobs. Denise has her roots in Project Management and Software Development. Denise’ first book was a bestseller on CSS and she made a speaking career out that profession.   iTunes RSS Overcast  […]