überproduct Seminars and Workshops in Lean Product Management

I share my long and intense experience in Product and Innovation Management, combined with Lean Development methods in a carefully selected and crafted set of seminars and workshops. Below you can find my current offerings for open trainings.


Current Workshops

Workshop Date, Place
Lean Product Management & Exploration          
  • 12/13 April 2018, Berlin
  • 28/29 June 2018, Berlin
  • 11/12 October 2018, Berlin




In Lean Product Management everything is focused on and pulled from actual customers’ needs. To reach this goal, a good flow of information needs to be present in a company. My trainings therefore are built around the interfaces and workflows of departments, to the flow of information and work, leading to improved capacities and capabilities in doing the right things and doing them right. My three elementary trainings all take just one day. An integrated Lean Product Management Training, offering all topics combined in one integrated approach takes two days out of your valuable time.

Lean Product Management and Exploration (2 Days)

My Lean Product Management Training delivers all techniques mentioned in the 1 day elementary trainings integrated in a whole Product management life cycle experience from the discovery of customers’ needs, their validation over finding solutions (ideation) to their validation, definition of metrics, MVPs and much more until we finally define the initial story map of the new product. Lean Product Management combines die techniques and power of Design Thinking with the effectiveness and validation of Lean Startup.

Google Design Sprint (4-5 Days)

The Google Design Sprint is a 5 day experience going through all phases of Lean Product Management. It aims on aligning a team on a validated product vision, starting from a hunch of a customer problem. The result is an initial, validated solution sketch and an aligned team that shares a deep experience going through the ups and downs of the discovery process. The results help to reduce waste during the development phase through better communication and validated research results. The Google Design Sprint is only offered as a workshop tailored to your very context. For details and conditions please contact me.

All Trainings also Inhouse

Of course, all these trainings can be tailored to your context and delivered in your offices. Please contact me with your idea!

You can ‘resell’ my trainings

If you think there is interest for my trainings in your city, please contact me and we can find a fair model to make this happen!

Innolab – Innovation Environment

Our Innolab: Innovation is daring and bold, Innovation is work and hands on, Innovation is fragile, perishable and sensitive. We all know the game about New Years resolutions: From January on, I’ll really go running. But then, each and every year there’s good reason not to. We want that there’s no good reason for you not to […]


When: 12-14 Juli 2017

Where: it-agile, Große Elbstraße 273, 22767 Hamburg

Price: On inquiry



Agile Product Management 101

Agile Product Management 101 – Training on techniques building on 20+ years of experience The Agile Product Management 101 class is for all Product Owner and Product Managers working in an agile environment being tasked with further developing and maintaining existing products. Pros as well as beginners will benefit from this mix of tools that Markus has compiled […]



  • 29/30 Mai 2017, Berlin
  • 14/15 September 2017, Berlin
  • 23/24 November 2017, Berlin

Price: 1.100 EUR plus. 19% VAT where applicable

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Lean Product Management / Exploration

Building great products is hard. Discovering great products, that really meet clients’ needs is harder. It doesn’t matter if this happens in a start up or an enterprise context, internal or external, B2B or B2C clients. In general, it is hard and counter intuitive for us to cope with uncertainty and ambiguous information of early […]



  • 12/13 April 2018, Berlin, Germany
  • 28/29 June 2018, Berlin, Germany
  • 11/12 October 2018, Berlin, Germany

Where: a great place in Berlin which allows for 2 days of undisturbed creative work, no anonymous hotel atmosphere, Berlin, tbd

Cost: 1250 EUR plus VAT

Course language will be english


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One size does not fit all – Markus Andrezak at LKCE15 from Lean Kanban Central Europe on Vimeo.

Portfolio and Strategy Board Training – Lean Portfolio Management

My Portfolio and Strategy Board Training introduces a process that helps to create a common understanding of priorities between all departments of your company. In the first step, all departments align about the common expectations on what they want to get from their product development department. Over time, the topics to be discussed will get more abstract and a […]


When: 12 February 2015
Where: betahaus Berlin, Prinzessinnenstrasse 19-20, 10969 Berlin
Preis: 690 EUR plus. 19% VAT.

Bookings are subject to our terms & conditions for trainings.

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User Story Mapping Training

User Story Mapping, invented by Jeff Patton, helps to keep the big picture tangible while working in small batch sizes and short iterations. At the same time, it helps to achieve a common understanding of the product to de developed  in teams. The User Story Map is the perfect glue between stakeholders, product managers and […]


When: 26th January 2015

Where: betahaus Berlin, Prinzessinnenstrasse 19-20, 10969 Berlin

Price: 650 EUR plus. 19% legal VAT

Bookings are made under the conditions of our AGB.

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