Lean Product Management / Exploration

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Lean Product Management Training

Building great products is hard. Discovering great products, that really meet clients’ needs is harder. It doesn’t matter if this happens in a start up or an enterprise context, internal or external, B2B or B2C clients. In general, it is hard and counter intuitive for us to cope with uncertainty and ambiguous information of early product phases. This is a class for pioneers who want to learn techniques for discovery and exploration and for settlers who want to finally build great products. If innovation is your business, this class is for you.

In this two day class, I teach Lean Product Management, combining the most powerful aspects of User Research, Design Thinking, Lean UX and Lean Startup. Together, in teams you will run through the process from discovering relevant customer wants and needs, their validation, collaborative ideation of product solutions and again the validation of product ideas until, finally a product is shaped in the form of a backlog, story or impact map so out can be delivered.

If you urge for more innovation, creativity, team play and are looking for more knowing rather than guessing, leading to a more structured product approach, these are two days of highly interactive team training showing deep theory and practice. Each team will work on a single, continuous practical example throughout the course to deliver a true experience of the methods taught.

What will I learn in the training?

  • Basics of Lean Product Management
    • Hypothesis driven development, assumptions, tests and customer discovery
    • Discovery and validation of relevant customer wants and needs
    • Personas and empathy maps
  • Finding problem solution fit
    • Definition of a common problem framing by the use of the Jobs to be done framework and Jobstories
    • Collaborative product ideation (Design Studio)
    • Validation of product approaches
  • Product delivery
    • Requirements description (Story Mapping, Impact Mapping, Product Backlog)
    • Defining MVPs and releases based on Story Mapping
    • Product Market fit and pivots
    • Quantitative analysis
  • Innovation management primer (3 Horizons, Knowledge Funnel, Pioneers, Settlers & Town planners Model)
  • and many more topics


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Inhouse Trainings

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  • 21/22 October 2019,

Where: Berlin, Germany

Cost: 1250 EUR plus VAT

Course language will be english


Info and booking



One size does not fit all – Markus Andrezak at LKCE15 from Lean Kanban Central Europe on Vimeo.