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The long run towards innovation (and great products)

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Paula Radcliffe NY Marathon

Looking at the development of the average life expectancy of S&P enterprises, it is evident that even large enterprises (considered stable) nowadays have a drastically reduced life span. This is the result of an ever-increasing evolutionary pressure, being caused by several factors, among them: the increased connectedness in the economic and knowledge world, the resulting […]

Tooltip: Ten Types of Innovation

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People love tools. Me, myself – I am a little cautious. Most of the time, people hope to get illegal help from tools, impossible short cuts, they  want to get to heaven without dying – which, you know, is not possible. Tools are normally derived in a very specific context and most of the time […]

Introducing Design Thinking To The Enterprise

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Last week I had the chance to watch a short, and precise Keynote of the d.Vision-Day at the d.school by Claudia Kotchka on her great work a Procter and Gamble, where she was responsible for implementing the change towards a design thinking centered culture. To be in line with her very condensed and simple but […]

Relentless, the only way that innovation will save you.

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The Knowledge Funnel

Who wants to be in Nokia’s shoes these days? Who wants to swap jobs with Stephen Elop? We see a steady drop in revenue. Also the strategic shift from Nokia’s own platforms towards Windows mobile and the Micrsoft coop did not result in a turn around. This chart shows one of the reasons: Apple just […]

überproduct is here!

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Hello World, überproduct is here to be! überproduct, that’s Christian and Markus, well … there’s more. There’s a whole network of people around us on top. People, we’ve worked with well, successful and with fun in other situations and contexts and with whom we like to continue working. People who are close and important to […]