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Jabe Bloom (@cyetain)

The other night, Jabe Bloom and I were preparing a podcast episode. We know since ages but don’t get to meet as often as we should and would like to.

There was some gold in the preparation and so I thought I’d share some bits of our conversation on video.

Here some topics we cover:

  • How to deal in management with the tension between love to the thing you produce and the process required to do it efficiently.
  • Makers, Pioneers and Fitters
  • The challenge of minimising policies. Policy hygiene?
  • Design as the challenge to find the best spot in grey between the extremes
  • Two certain ways to kill something
  • Harmful amounts of process endangers us to act in bad ways
  • Necessary Levels of abstraction bring necessity of translation

Have fun!


Jabe founded Praxisflow in 2014 together with Kevin Behr, where he is CoFounder & Chief SocioTechnical Officer. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his family, where he also is working on his Ph.D. in Design. Jabe is @cyetain on twitter

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