Talk “The LeanUX Promise” at UX Salon Berlin

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UX Salon Berlin

Organized by Hila Chezy, the 2nd edition of UX Salon Berlin will take place on November 27 at Hubraum, Berlin Schöneberg (my old hood!).

There, I am offered the opportunity to give a talk on “The LeanUX Promise”. It should be interesting for for all those working on the interface between UX and development: Any stakeholder, Product Owner, Developer, Designer, IX Designer, UX Designer, UX Researcher, Agency that wants to know how to survive with less deliverables, Unicorns ;)

More on the the talk:

The LeanUX Promise

LeanUX, the integration of the depth of UX with the quick feedback of agile development as taught by Jeff Gotthelf, Will Evans and others, comes with the promise a way to integrate the insights of UX into delivery in a Lean and agile way. The newest school is driving it further by additionally integrating LeanUX principles and thus validated learning – also called the scientific principles.

With this flavor we start at the beginning of the value chain, by identifying and then validating the right problems to solve. How can we successfully transfer the insights we have to our organizations? How do we deal with invalidations of ‚ideas‘ from our clients or bosses? What are the chances of validated learning in UX? What are risks of LeanUX? Is this applicable in my environment?

I will give a short introduction on the topic and we will have lots of time for discussion and Q&A.


Wann: 27 November 2014, 7:30 pm

Wo: Hubraum Berlin, Winterfeldstraße 21,

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