LKCE 2015 – Munich

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LKCE 2015 München

Start Here – Lead Different

LKCE returns to its origins, Munich, this year! It is absolutely not easy to come u with a roaster of speakers and sessions, year after year, which attracts a new audience as well as makes the regulars attend again. So, this year there is again, new blood and new insights given as well as having well known people and topics in the program of the LKCE.

I am absolutely happy and thrilled to have the chance of being part of this from the very beginning! This year I’ll be a repeat perpetrator in facilitating the Pecha Kuchas, which became an absolute highlight throughout the years and even made it to the main stage since some time. Also, I’ll have a little talk on the topic of “One size does not fit all: 3 questions, 3 answers, 3 types of work” – which recombines some ideas by Simon Wardley with my experiences on collaboration, innovation and strategy I made in the last few years.. Here an abstract:

“The biggest mistake companies can make is to define their (one) process, culture, way of work. The work that needs to be done in a sustainable company differs in at least three fundamental ways. This can easily be understood following three questions and answering these honestly. The talk introduces these questions, as well as fitting areas of work and management methods that are at a minimum requirement to sustainable success. Sadly, this is not enough and a little bit of strategy is also required.”

The keynotes by Chet Richards (author of “Certain to win”) and Noreena Hertz (author of “Eyes Wide Open”) as well as Benjamin Mitchell’s talk are guaranteed to become highlights!

Hopefully I’ll meet some of you, new and known faces an we’ll find time to have a chat over a coffee!

A special thank you to Arne Roock and the whole technical committee for all the years of involvement and engagement!


When: 16./17. November 2015

Where: München, Paulaner am Nockherberg


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