Agile World 2015 – Munich

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Dual Mode Organizations

I am glad to be invited to Agile World 2015  in Munich for the first time. I’ll take the opportunity to dig deeper into a topic that is at the core of my practice all of the time but only in my talks Honl is a side thread until now: The fact that innovation does not happen in the core of an enterprise but needs to be managed differently. The task of finding new products is quite different from other tasks in companies and enterprises and thus needs to be managed differently. My talk will show some options for doing this.

A set of new phrases is coming up since some time, like “dual mode organization” or “dual operating system for organizations”. Interestingly while they sound the same there are subtle but important differences. I’ll explain them and go in depth what I found out in my practice while helping companies to “find” new products that are liked by their clients.

I’m happy to meet you in Munich!


When: 29./30. June 2015

Where: München, Holiday Inn, City Center München


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