Ace! Conference – Krakow, Poland, 16/17 March 2015

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ACE! Conference

Krakow! Poland! Ich bin happy and proud that Paul Klipp and Pawel Brodzinski invited me to the Ace! Conference in Krakow, Poland. 

First, my second name is of polish heritage – my grandparents come from lose to Krakow (even though we do not have any connection other than that left to Poland). Second, I had the honor to bring the platform of my ex-employer to Poland a some time ago and learned a lot by it – but mostly and learned to love Poland and the polish people (especially their humor). And third, in 2010 there was a nice, little, charming conference (Agile Tuning) I attended as speaker in the beginning of my Kanban heyday that was a great experience to me in many aspects: hospitality of the polish people and community and Krakow as a nice and thriving city.

First and foremost, though, it is this years’ direction of the ACE! conference that draw me there, which has two gravitational centers: i) Building software better (me, then), and ii) building better product (me, now) – where <me, now> is actually the knowledge and craft of combining both.

My talk therefore will be called “Embracing the dark side”, in which I will talk about what happens before Scrum, how strategies are developed and the right products derive, what (DECISIVE) role the customer plays, how to learn what he needs (while he cantle us) and what all of this means for collaboration and organization in a company.

I am totally looking forward to Krakow, the ACE! Conference, Pawel and Paul and many other speakers, amongst many Linda Rising, Melissa Perri and Pawel himself!


When: 16/17 March 2015

Where: ul. Opolska 14a, Krakow, Poland

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