Agile Manchester 2016 – Here I Come

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Agile Manchester 2016

Agile Manchester – my British Premiere

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In Winter, while I was cruising don the Alps with my brand new and quite fancy Jones Flagship snowboard, I received a call from the nice people at Software Acumen. Soon, we had a solution figured out that brings me to Manchester for the Agile Manchester 2016 Conference.

I will give a talk on Thursday on “The Innovation Confusion”. And, what’s more, I am totally convinced of the programme that was compiled for this conference. There are quite some talks that totally go into my direction and with a little suspense I am looking forward for talks like

and many many more.

Further, I will offer a workshop. “A workshop” is actually misleading. It is THE workshop that offers the core of my work. The workshop is an experience of product discovery, starting from a blank page and – after two days – ending with a concrete business model or product prototype for a topic where each team in the workshop starts with knowing nothing.

In the workshop we start with identifying valuable problems through usr research, validating that problem and finally framing it in a concrete Problem Statement or Job Story. We really spend the whole first day (50 % of the time) riffing on a problem – a percentage of time we seldom get granted at work. The second day then introduces ways of collaborative ideation, prototyping and business modeling. This class really gets rave reviews wherever I hold it and the participants are quite enthusiastic (while very tired ;) after day two.

Along the way we will learn about different levels of innovation, the knowledge funnel, the PST model (Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners by Simon Wardley) and much much more.

I hope you think about attending the class too. Let’s use and abuse the room until it is filled with models of your ideas after day two and enjoy a creative atmosphere of collaboration, where in the end no one will remember which parts of the ideas she has contributed.

I am thrilled to offer this workshop, which is the core of my business and framework I use at work, for the first time in Great Britain.

BTW: If you are in town at the time, write me an email, DM me and lets meet!


Workshop Lean Product Management & Exploration

When: May 9 & 10

Where: Manchester

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