Lean is about the People – Talk at Lean Agile Scotland 2014

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Lean People

Lean is about the people

This is a video of the talk “Lean is about the People” that I held this autumn at Lean Agile Scotland 2014. Many many thanks to  Chris McDermott for making the event happen and for sharing this video!

The talk is a little bit on the soft side of the spectrum and looks into the mechanisms leading to companies being bad and reluctant to take on the New: discover the new, commit to the new, initiate the new.

What I say is derived from looking at a company that embraces the new to the extreme: Pixar. Each movie made by Pixar starts with a very simple idea written on a blank piece of paper and 4 years later ends in the cinemas engaging millions of families, the kids as well as the parents. The talk introduces some of the problems encountered by Pixar as well as the solutions they came up with. Finally, I talk on what it means for us and which techniques and effects I discovered in my work.

Markus Andrezak : Lean Product is about the people – Putting it all together from Lean Agile Scotland on Vimeo.

Lean Agile Scotland

Finally a big Thank You! to Chris McDermott, who with Lean Agile Scotland created a fantastic impactful event that combines the feeling of intimacy with the input of global speakers and insight from many disciplines seemingly out of nothing with lots of energy and commitment. Thanks!

Here is the presentation on slideshare.

Lean product is for the people from Markus Andrezak

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