The Red Bead Experiment – Limited Wip Society Berlin

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The Red Bead Experiment

We are happy to be part of the  next meeting of the Limited Wip Society Berlin (locale Kanban User Group). Arne Roock will present the awesome and famous Red Bead Experiment with Markus. The experiment demonstrates, in a playful and fun way, the modern management principles by Edwards Deming – who is the father of Lean and the Toyota Way. 

More on that directly at the event. A special Thank You! to  again for generously hosting the event.

More Information and  free booking here.

Date & Time

When: Oct. 17th 2013, 7pm

Where: Immobilienscout24, Andreasstraße 10, 10243 Berlin (nahe Ostbahnhof)

Language: English

Admission: Free, but to RSVP