Über-Trainings, now as cooperations!

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Training together

Diversity delivers depth and innovation – so we just self applied our knowledge to our own activities and decided to offer our trainings in cooperation with interesting partners.

This year we will offer several trainings in which we combine our own knowledge with the complementary competencies of a select premium partner to create something, which is more than the sum of its parts.  We will be able to serve the needs of difficult interfaces in enterprises with theory and actionable advice.

Our choice of partners was limited to the best in their field. Also, a trusted working relationship was important to us, so that during preparation we can discuss and analyze openly the challenges that lie in these interfaces between our own core competencies.

But theory is vain and trainings live and die with the persons involved, so here are our first trusted partners:

Klaus Leopold (LEANability) pioneered Kanban coaching and –training and brings years of experience in the most different enterprises along the whole value chain to the table. His approach in introducing Kanban is a true self-application of lean principles and with adorable short touch points he implemented and kept alive Kanban boards for departments of more than 200 people. His systems view on Kanban is apparent in his webinar “Flights Levels of Kanban”. He is also co-author of one of the best books on Kanban: “Kanban in der IT”, which is currently only available in German. Klaus is member of the Managament Board of the Lean Kanban University and as such always at the defining forefront of new Kanban developments. With Klaus, we will offer “Kanban for Lean Product Management” where he complements our Lean Product Management expertise with his deep knowledge on how to get the right things done in the right way with Kanban.

Will Evans is Director of Experience Design and Research at The Library Corporation and TLC Labs, the Enterprise Innovation Lab. There, Will is driving UX excellence and innovative products across departmental boarders. He was also responsible for UX at the Ladders, where he also met Jeff Gotthelf (Lean UX). As the Design Thinker in Residence he actively teaches at the NY Stern’s Berkley Center for Innovation. He is founder and organizer of the defining Lean UX NYC conference. He has more than 15 years of experience in Interaction Design, Information Architecture, and UX strategy. Currently he is strongly pushing the definition and implementation of Lean UX and Lean Startup in his frame of expertise in an ideal combination of theoretical understanding and practical application. 


His work was covered in magazines such as Business Week, The Economist, Business Insider, Fast Company, Time Magazine, Fortune, MSNBC, Fox Business and the Wall Street Journal. We ourselves have often taken a peek at his practical work at Kayak, sopied some things and understood some more through this.

Together with Will, we will offer a combined Product / Design Thinking / Lean UX / Lean Startup Bootcamp, with Will contributing his deep knowledge coming from the UX and design angle in combination to our expertise from the product angle. 

We are really happy to cooperate with two awesome guys, both being real good people and characters on top of bringing along the perfect combination of theory, practice and didactics.

We will announce the dates of the first trainings in this new series in the next few days. If you have any questions or want to make a reservation already, you can always contact us! We will answer each request as soon as possible!


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