Stories Connecting Dots – Episode 1

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Stories Connecting Dots

I’ll be publishing the Stories Connecting Dots podcast roughly in a monthly cadence.

Stories Connecting Dots is born from my belief that there is not one way, but many. That an inclusive or is the best bet, most of the time. (As being inclusive is anyway.) Companies have to deal with all sorts of change and they come up with the most diverse and surprising solutions. I think a podcast will be a good way to deal with and understand that diversity. The conversations will be held in German with German native speakers and in English otherwise. I’d greatly appreciate your feedback, input, questions suggestions.

So, yes, the first episode is in German. Many will be in English.

My guest in the first episode is Klaus Leopold, one of Europe’s most hardcore Kanban implementors. We speak about

  • what Kanban actually is and how it can help companies to make things explicit, decide in better ways and how it is  a thinking tool.
  • the importance of creating work environments were people can be engaged
  • that the best things in life can not be told but need to be experienced
  • writing books
  • winning books
  • that walking the talk is a much better way than asking others to change
  • how you get from “simply doing cool stuff” to being one of the most in-demand Kanban coaches of Europe
  • and much much more


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Klaus’ new book “Kanban in der Praxis” (english translation due soon)

His Company Leanability

Klaus on twitter


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