Experience report ideation in innovation projects

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Ideation sheet

A customer experience report!

It is not often, I can write about the details of one of my innovation projects. There are NDAs, and even without them, talking publicly of much of what I do would feel awkward. Now it’s lucky that  Sebastian Radics, a member of one of my favorite (and surprise!) teams of the last time found a form to write about the experience of ideation in such project wrhout telling secrets. There’s mich more interesting to tell about this project, which has an amazing story to tell, but I am happy even for this little piece of information on the experience of the novice in how I do ideation that is “leaking” out :)

You can get a little insight of what we do.

Experience report ideation by Sebastian Radics

Have fun reading the Experience report ideation in an an innovation project by Sebastian Radics!

Actually, this piece might give me the energy to think about how describe a little more of how my innovation and discovery projects work!

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