13 minutes of GaryVee

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Gary Vaynerchuk

13 minutes of GaryVee on fast forward. As if Gary Vee wouldn’t be fast forward enough in itself: born in 1975 in the former Soviet Union, todays Belarus, started in 1999 to bring his fathers wine store online.In 6 years he grew the business from 1 Million to 50 Million revenue / year.

Later, together with his brother, he founded VaynerMedia, helping other companies to successfully use social media in their marketing. Nowadays, I guess, hie main point is to be his own brand and to spread his mindset as a brand, author and speaker. As such, he vlogs since more than 100 videos under the youtube channel The DailyVee (and also under Ask GaryVee). This is about #101, a compilation of #1 – #100 that was apparently provided by a fan:

13 minutes of GaryVee, DailyVee, #101

For some of us middle europeans, his duracellian energy might sometimes be a bit hard to digest. But at least there are phases of calm and rest and lots of authentic empathy with the audience. And, no, I don’t watch the vlog regularly. I am up to something different here. What is interesting to me is what he talks about and what he leaves unmentioned:

Some core statements from these 13 minutes of frenzy:

  • Complaining and victimizing yourself won’t help. No one gives a …
  • Getting some money from “old dudes” is still easier than winning the market: „the market makes old dudes that are white and racists seem soft“, „winning at the market way harder than getting some old dudes to give you a check“
  • Hard work is point 1, 2 and 3 in the winning formula (“no one knows a single person that is successful without the work“ or in my own words: „there is no overnight success“)
  • Speed is 4 billion times more importnot than perfection (to open up new opportunities or options)
  • both extremes together are important: incredible patience on the one and incredible pushing on the other hand. Being good at one of these qualities is not enough. It is the combination. (Which is balancing vision and tactics.)
  • Doing the right thing is always the right thing (in a different video by him: „Karma is practical“)

What he does not talk about:

  • processes,
  • innovation theory,
  • reading the right 30 books,
  • which theory is best?
  • Which Agile is best?
  • Which org design helps best in solving XYZ?
  • process improvement etc.

Basically, he’s leaving all the discussions and arguments out that most of us are busy with each day. He simply leaves things on the level of being street smart. Which I think is the best quality innovators can have. Street smartness with a vision ;)  I guess, most enterprises have too much of what he does not mention and not enough of what he says.

The point I want to make is, I guess (and I am not leaving myself out of the picture here): What’s important is the mindset behind innovation and Agile. Letting being victimised and complaint management behind, getting up at after a let down and keep on keeping on. Companies, departments and individuals are better of making mistakes while being driven by an entrepreneurial mindset than being slow in being right.

I guess the real point is that one shouldn’t write about the video than rather watch it. In short: A little more of Gary Lee and a little less of corporate won’t do no harm.

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