Ep. 2: Jeff Sussna – Designing Delivery w/ Empathy

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Jeff Sussna - author of Designing Delivery

Episode 2: Jeff Sussna – Designing Delivery is, of course, held in English language. My guest is Jeff Sussna, founder and principal of ingineering.IT. He mainly works in the world of operations and is a well known speaker all over the world in the area of DevOps. Surprisingly, he approaches this field with the tools of Service Design, Cybernetics and Promise Theory.



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Using these ways of thinking, he also wrote a great book, „Designing Delivery“, in which describes the role and challenges of companies in the new world where brands and product development are dialogues.

Main take aways

The internet changed out jobs drastically, To adapt to the new, changed world, we need to embrace thinking in services. Services as in to serve. To serve as: in- and outside of the company. To employees, colleagues and customers. The whole company needs to adopt that thinking. To get there, the models of Service design, Cybernetics and Promise theory help. While thinking this through, we discovered the metaphor of the family that also takes care to help each other, although we might sometimes fail at that. Failing is a general symptom of complex systems, no matter if these are human systems or non-human. Promise Theory helps us to be prepared for anecdotal failure an incompleteness of complex systems, even off it hurts.


0:00:00 Introduction

0:01:19 When, how and why did Dev and Ops separated?

0:08:06 Nostalgie of full stack dev and how we are facing bigger tasks because of the INternet’s success

0:14:01 Jeff is not on the wrong end of the value chain with his topics, the whole company should embrace them

0:22:25 Let’s have positiv impact on people, outside and inside of the company

0:28:05 Is „the family“ and „relationship“ a good metaphor for how we should work?

0:32:58 Announcement of winners of Give Aways from Episode 1

0:34:27 Jeff’s Book „Designing Delivery“ and the concept of services, Jobs To Be Done, are physical products easier than digital products?

0:47:09 Design Thinking and Service Design

0:55:27 Cybernetics

1:01:04 Portfolio and Feedbackloops as a Cybernetic Systems

1:02:13 Promise Theory, embracing failure in computer and human systems, incompleteness of systems (also in maths)

1.11:16 On thinking beyond, going broad and the power of serendipity

1:14:28 Amiguity and Balance

1:15:11 On mindfulness, your reaction defines the outcome, there are no shortcuts

Topics covered

  • Services as a fundamental model of coping with a modern, complex world, in which companies need relationships and conversations with their clients.
  • The role of Design Thinking and Service Design
  • How Cybernetics can help us understand and decide in situations of complexity and uncertainty
  • How the model of Promise Theory helps us deal with systems that sometimes fail or are incomplete and how this again helps us to live with the unavoidable circumstance of failure
  • Thinking broad and embracing ambiguity and dealing with that through balance
  • Discussions on mindfulness

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Designing Delivery - a book by Jeff Sussna

Designing Delivery by Jeff Sussna

Jeff’s book is available here


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