Ep. 22: Jabe Bloom & Marc Burgauer – Designing Systems Pt. II

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Designing Systems

This is part two of the conversation I had with Jabe Bloom and Marc Burgauer during the Devops Conference 2018 in Munich on the bigger topic of Designing Systems..

All information can be found in the show notes of part 1, which is Episode 21 of this podcast.

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Here some short show notes on this second part.

Show Notes

On Bid Data & being Data Driven

“Russell Ackoff wrote a brilliant paper titled “On Data Mismanagement Systems and the basic thesis is: Managers need data to make decisions and the more data they have, the better it is. Of course, the answer is: Managers don’t need more information, they need the right information”

“Of course, big data is a response to a particular problem and the particular problem is “Oh god, we made such big piles of data that no human can actually process it anymore. And now we have to come up with an algorithm to summarise the data for us.”

On Change & Culture

“By definition all future things are stories. They don’t exist. That’s why they’re in the future. You can’t measure them. You can’t use data to understand them. You can only use data to understand what exists now.”

“People think that you have to change people’s thinking first. You change what they think about things and then they change their behavior and that will change the output. And that’s absolutely wrong. You have to change what they’re looking at and that will change their thinking. And when you want to change something, that’s when you need to create those models and give people new things to look at.”

Is speed still an advantage?

“Right now everyone goes rushing towards high cycle time, high frequency: spin as fast as you can. If everyone is playing to the same time cycles, there is no advantage to doing that. … In fact, the advantage will be having the discipline … of having long term vision and connecting them to the capabilities of having a short cycle time. That’s the next competitive advantage. We need people to be able to understand how to make commitments beyond two weeks. Period.”

“We need to create space for commitments. If everything is an option you have no commitments. If you had no commitments, you have no identity.”

Autonomy vs. Agency

“I hate the word autonomy. … I think autonomy is individuating. … The way I hear the word and I think other people hear it – and I might be wrong and other people hear it differently – but the way I hear it is “I have the right to make my own decisions. I have the right to make my own rules.”

“If you look up the etymology of the word it means “the owner of the rules”. (Whereas) Agency is my ability to chose in that environment and to see the result of it. Autonomy as the ability to act without responsibility is my concern. The ability to act without considering the feedback loop of what s the effect of what I have done.

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