User Story Mapping Training

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User Story Map

User Story Mapping, invented by Jeff Patton, helps to keep the big picture tangible while working in small batch sizes and short iterations. At the same time, it helps to achieve a common understanding of the product to de developed  in teams. The User Story Map is the perfect glue between stakeholders, product managers and development teams. The User Story Map replaces or complements the product backlog.

What is User Story Mapping?

A User Story Map orders the User stories for a product as follows:

  • The top row builds the backbone of the user stories. It tells the story of a user working with our product.
  • Below each story of the backbone, the details of that functionality are reveled as more fine-grained stories.
  • Left to right it delivers an overview of functionalities offered.
  • The columns contain the details of the offered functionality.

At each point in time, the User Story Map visualizes the big picture of the product to be developed by the team. The User Story Map directly supports hands on decision making and planning of releases, MVPs, scoping and more

Throughout the training a practical real life example will be used for each exercise.

What will I learn in the training?

  • Writing and slicing User Stories
  • Building an initial User Story Map
  • Defining an MVP based on a User Story Map
  • Planning Releases based on User Story Maps
  • Re-Scoping with User Story Maps
  • Sprint Planning based on User Story Maps
  • Switching to Job Stories and thus more customer centricity
  • And much more

User Story Mapping is the glue between development team, product or business owners and all stakeholders. This is the right training if clarity or alignment on requirements is a topic in your organization.

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The training starts at 09:30 am, and ends at 6:00pm.

Drinks and lunch are included in the price.


  • Contacting us through our site more than 6 weeks before the training will result in a 10% discount.
  • A minimum of 2 bookings from the same company via our homepage results in resultsin a 10% discount.
  • Both discounts can not be combined or added.

A maximum of 20 people can attend.

Language: The training will be held in German.

I can offer English trainings upon request. Tailored Trainings in your house can be arranged. Simply contact me via Email or phone for details.


When: 26th January 2015

Where: betahaus Berlin, Prinzessinnenstrasse 19-20, 10969 Berlin

Price: 650 EUR plus. 19% legal VAT

Bookings are made under the conditions of our AGB.

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