Innolab – Innovation Environment

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Our Innolab: Innovation is daring and bold, Innovation is work and hands on, Innovation is fragile, perishable and sensitive. We all know the game about New Years resolutions: From January on, I’ll really go running. But then, each and every year there’s good reason not to.

We want that there’s no good reason for you not to innovate. And this is why we offer Innolab:  3 days during which we supply the environment, the best and most experienced coaches, and a great, wonderful, inspiring and foremost undisturbed work space. Ultimately, in those 3 days, only one thing matters: Fresh air around your heads, space and time for new thoughts and a productive, focused time that you will remember for some time.

Our experience shows that the one main thing required to innovate is: distance. And distance, we offer in our Hamburg offices with a view across the Hamburg harbour and docks. We abandon our offices so that you and your team have a space to rethink and reset.

Our coaches Henning and Markus successfully led many teams through design sprints and many other innovation approaches to be able to live and breath Innovation with you during those three days. They will help with the process so that content, merits and thinking is your only task.

We offer this format, because what we hear is that Innovation itself and committing the necessary time is hard enough. But organizing around it makes it even harder and often is a hurdle that is hard to overcome and thus, finally limiting Innovation. Also, one can be confused: What material is needed? Where to get an experienced coach we like? Nice and spicy room? Coordinating it all around a certain date? And: wouldn’t it be even better if some teams from other companies were round us for input, critique, exchange, challenge and competition (and food and drinks ;)?

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Our Innolab on Juli 12-14 offers all this – nice and easy: a phone call and you will be set up.

We know Innovation, so we also know that it does not honour routines, agendas and fixed times. Each team will be treated individually according to its needs and context. We will not follow a hard agenda. Still, we will roughly go along the google design sprint concept:

  • understand a problem and set a focus
  • approach first, raw solutions
  • follow solutions towards testable hypotheses
  • build a testable prototype
  • test the prototype with real humans

And because we know that creativity dismisses fixed hours, we won’t close the shop at 5pm and take care so that you can keep working as long as you want.

Our support for you:

  • rooms and infrastructure
  • necessary material
  • process and coaching
  • sparring and challenging of your ideas from an external PoV
  • food and beverages
  • recruiting of interviewees
  • preparation and support in planning

In a sentence: You bring your team and fresh thoughts, we’ll do the rest for you – nice and easy.


When: 12-14 Juli 2017

Where: it-agile, Große Elbstraße 273, 22767 Hamburg

Price: On inquiry