Agile Product Management 101

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Training Product Management

Agile Product Management 101 – Training on techniques building on 20+ years of experience

The Agile Product Management 101 class is for all Product Owner and Product Managers working in an agile environment being tasked with further developing and maintaining existing products. Pros as well as beginners will benefit from this mix of tools that Markus has compiled in his 20+ year career in conceiving, building and maintaining products in all kinds of business environments from huge to small.

With product being ever more in the center of the digital enterprise, the Product Owner more and more enters the center stage, but also becomes the bottleneck and the expectations rise to the top while sometimes sitting between all chairs and stakeholders showing no mercy.  The more it is important to know your tools, especially in an agile world where certainty in planning is hard to achieve.

The topics of stakeholder management and team involvement get a special spotlight by becoming the recurrent theme across all topics. Managing and shaping a coherent backlog – and thus also a coherent and functioning product – in a manifold of (sometimes inconsistent) stakeholder voices is another main thread of this class.

The class will be held as an intensive 2 day workshop, loaded with practical exercises in real life examples.

What do I learn in the class?

Here  some topics from the class:

  • role and responsibility of the Product Manager / PO in an agile environment
  • hypotheses in product work
  • product vision and feature fit
    • product vision board
  • backlog- and requirements management
    • DEEP
    • INVEST
    • user story creation (alone and w/ team)
    • user story slicing
    • other backlog entries (non user story)
  • prioritisation techniques 
    • Kano model
    • cost of delay
    • risk / value
    • buy a feature
    • and more
  • planning meaningful releases and sprints
    • MVPs
    • story maps
    • slicing by impact
    • planning origami
    • monitoring progress
    • and more
  • validating features
    • UX testing
    • multivariate (A/B) testing
  • data analysis
    • feature usage audit
  • managing stakeholders 
  • engaging (with) clients
    • interviews
    • marketing & engagement
  • engaging (with) the team


On day one, the class starts at 09:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm

On day two, the class starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm

Drinks and food are included in the price.


January offer: All binding registrations completed in January 2017 receive a 20% discount on the training price. 

Max. number of participants: 15

Language: Upon request, the trainings can be held in English.

Inhouse Trainings

made to tailor training for your Organization can easily be arranged.  Write me an email or contact me in any other way to discuss opportunities!



  • 29/30 Mai 2017, Berlin
  • 14/15 September 2017, Berlin
  • 23/24 November 2017, Berlin

Price: 1.100 EUR plus. 19% VAT where applicable

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