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Lean DUS

In January I was invited to talk at Lean DUS on the topic of how to combine Lean and Innovation. But that’s not all – I had the great experience to hold a workshop there and so the whole thing was an embedded event. It was a real holistic experience for me. I’ll write soon on what I have learned at sipgate. They do some crazy looking things which make absolute sense.

But without further ado, here the talk, first of all (ummm, in German :-/ ):

Alt & Neu – Innovation verstehen von Markus Andrezak

My talk was about how work shifts in nature from right to left on a Portfolio Kanban Board, how it shifts its nature and how that means that the work is quite different and thus can not be measured or evaluated in the same way. And this highlights another issue, namely that even if you have organized a good flow of communication and knowledge in your company in some ways, you might have forgotten about this one dimension. It is common to discover that knowledge has to flow horizontally, as this is how departments share their knowledge. But is is also crucial that knowledge flows vertically, as this is how most companies make decisions. But with the insight that we different nature of work present, we have to make sure that knowledge flows across these boundaries as well. This is Lean in its true sense, following one of its highest principles: “Understand the nature of work”

Here is a link to the great event series of  Lean DUS (look at the speaker before me: The Poppendiecks and Dianne Larsen :-o). Here is my speaker deck of the talk:

Rumors are, that the guys will publish the video of this talk. I’ll send you an update of this page then.

I can not say “Thank you” enough to Jens Goldmann and Tim Mois von sipgate: What you do at sipgate s extraordinary! It is incredible how welcome I felt! Thanks a lot for the experience!


When: 29 January 2015,  7 pm

Where: sipgate, Düsseldorf