IT Spring 2014, Minsk, Belarus

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IT Spring, Minsk, Belarus, 2014

Keynote in Minsk!

We are happy t be invited to the most interesting and biggest IT conference in Minsk, Belarus. 

Markus will be offering a keynote on “Do the right thing!“. Here the description:

“Agile methodologies started off with doing the right thing for the user and ensuring to build the right thing in the beginning. By watering down the concept of Agile to simple recipes of do’s and don’ts, the obsession of Agile in the last years was mainly “Doing things right“. As a symptom you can take the example of Agile retrospectives which look at process all day, but leave out the product itself. This is what Russell Ackoff calls efficiency. By continuously increasing efficiency we do not ensure anything for our customers. We could get incredibly good at producing the wrong thing much faster and produce no value at all, but much quicker. I want to highlight how we can get back to „Doing the right thing“ and explain how we can discover what our customers actually long for, what products they desire. So that, in the end, “doing things right” makes sense again, as now we are “doing the right things right.”

Other Keynotes will be delivered by Jurgen Appelo, Shannon Ewan and Nils Pflaeging.

We are happy to meet you there. 

Thanks to all involved who make this a good experience!


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When: 4./5. April 2014

Where: Minsk, Belarus, Hotel President.

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