Ep.4: sipgate – Eine Gründungs- und Erfolgsgeschichte

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Tim und Jens

In der vierten Episode bin ich zu Gast vor Ort bei sipgate in Düsseldorf und habe sie dort in Ihren Räumen in Düsseldorf aufgenommen. sipgate macht Telefonie für zu Hause, unterwegs und das Büro. Und das macht es nicht irgendwie. Sondern sipgate macht alles selber. sipgate ist also eine kleine Telekom, aber eben vollkommen anders. […]

Ep. 3: Michael Foley – On Process Theory, Henri Bergson & Life

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Michael Foley

(Photo by Eva Vermandel) Michael Foley, author of the bestseller „The Age of absurdity – why modern life makes it hard to be happy“ is my guest in this episode. The book is a celebration of insight from the most diverse philosophers, and an examination of the states we’d like to achieve and desperately are missing […]

Ep. 2: Jeff Sussna – Designing Delivery

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Jeff Sussna - author of Designing Delivery

Episode 2: Jeff Sussna – Designing Delivery is, of course, held in English language. My guest is Jeff Sussna, founder and principal of ingineering.IT. He mainly works in the world of operations and is a well known speaker all over the world in the area of DevOps. Surprisingly, he approaches this field with the tools […]

Stories Connecting Dots – Episode 1

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Stories Connecting Dots

I’ll be publishing the Stories Connecting Dots podcast roughly in a monthly cadence. Stories Connecting Dots is born from my belief that there is not one way, but many. That an inclusive or is the best bet, most of the time. (As being inclusive is anyway.) Companies have to deal with all sorts of change and they come […]